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Timothy Stewart

Timothy W Stewart

  • Associate Professor
  • Natural Resource Ecology and Management
I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management at Iowa State University. I received my PhD at Bowling Green State University, MS from SUNY Brockport (Biology with concentration in Aquatic Ecology), and BA from Ithaca College. Prior to my appointment at ISU, I was an Assistant Professor at Longwood University in Virginia.

Contact Info

136 Science 2
2310 Pammel Dr.

More Information


I am a community ecologist whose research presently focuses on description of functional (cause-effect) relationships in aquatic systems and use of biotic assemblages (primarily invertebrates but also including fishes, amphibians, plants, algae) to assess aquatic ecosystem condition (i.e., health). Current projects, all of which involve students, include identification of ecological condition metrics in Iowa prairie pothole wetlands, relationships between land use and urban stream condition in central Iowa, and impacts of invasive zebra mussels and common carp on biological communities and water quality in Clear Lake, Iowa.

Broader Impact

My broader research goal is to provide environmental agencies and scientists with information needed to effectively assess and manage the health of aquatic ecosystems in the midwest. Additionally, through outreach activities related to my research, I enjoy working with the general public to help Iowans understand how aquatic ecosystems function, and to generate greater interest in environmental stewardship among our citizens.

Key Environmental Science Publications

Herringshaw, C.J., Stewart, T.W., and Thompson, J.R. 2011. Relationships among land cover, in-stream physicochemical features, and aquatic invertebrate community attributes in urban and agroecosystems. American Midland Naturalist 165:274-293

Hentges, V.A., and Stewart, T.W. 2010. Macroinvertebrate assemblages in Iowa prairie pothole wetlands and relation to environmental features. Wetlands 30:501-511

Stewart, T.W., and Downing, J. 2008. Macroinvertebrate communities and environmental conditions in recently constructed wetlands. Wetlands 28:141-150

Litvan, M.E., Stewart, T.W., Pierce, C.L., and Larson, C.J. 2007. Local effects of grade control structures on the macroinvertebrate assemblage of an agriculturally-impacted stream. River Research and Applications 24: 218-233