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Thomas Moorman

Thomas Moorman

  • Affiliate Associate Professor
I’m a soil microbiologist (PhD, Washington State University) with the USDA-ARS National Laboratory of Agriculture and the Environment. I have a BS and MS in Plant Pathology from Colorado State University. I’m a Collaborating Faculty Member in the Department of Agronomy and participate in the interdepartmental programs in Environmental Science and Microbiology.

More Information


My research investigates the interactions of agricultural systems and soils and their effects on water quality. I use techniques in microbiology and environmental chemistry to investigate survival of zoonotic pathogens in manure and soil, the fate and transport of pesticides and pharmaceuticals, and the use of microorganisms to bioremediate various pollutants.

Broader Impact

My research contributes to the development of more sustainable agricultural systems that conserve the soil and water resources. My research is used by producers, scientists and a number of other stakeholders.

Key Environmental Science Publications

Ilhan ZE, Ong SK, Moorman, TB. 2011. Dissipation of atrazine, enrofloxacin, and sulfamethazine in wood chip bioreactors and impact on denitrification. J. Environ. Qual. 40:1816-1823

Tomer MD, Moorman TB, Rossi CG. 2008. Assessment of the Iowa River’s South Fork watershed. 1. Water quality. J. Soil Water Conserv. 63: 360-370

Kolz AC, Moorman TB, Ong SK, Scoggin KD, Douglass EA. 2005. Degradation and metabolite production of tylosin in anaerobic and aerobic swine manure lagoons. Water Environ. Res. 77, 49-56

Carstens KL, Gross AD, Moorman TB, Coats JR. 2013. Sorption and photodegradation processes govern the distribution and fate of sulfamethazine in freshwater-sediment microcosms. Environ. Sci. Technol. 47: 10877-10883.

Garder JL, Moorman TB, Soupir ML. 2014. Transport and persistence of tylosin-resistant enterococci, erm genes, and tylosin in soil and drainage water from fields receiving swine manure. J. Environ. Qual. 43: 1484-1493.