Sally Logsdon

Research Soil Scientist
Sally Logsdon

I received a BA from Cedarville College, in Biology, an MS from Michigan State in Soil Science, and a PhD from Virginia Tech in Soil Science. I served a year as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology at Wilmington College in Ohio. Then I had a Post-doctoral position with the USDA-ARS in St. Paul, MN. Now I am Research Soil Scientist with the USDA-ARS at the National Laboratory for Agriculture and the Environment in Ames, IA.


My research interests are water, soil, and nutrient redistribution at the landscape scale and the environmental impacts for agricultural and urban settings.

Broader Impact: 

This research should result in recommendations for urban management during and after construction that will minimize compaction and nutrient loss in runoff and sediment and recommendations to minimize nutrient redistribution within and loss from agricultural fields, leading to improved water quality.

Key Environmental Science Publications: 

Yamada, T., S.D. Logsdon, M.R. Burkart, and M.D. Tomer. 2007. Groundwater nitrate following installation of a vegetated riparian buffer. Sci. Total Environ. 385:297-309.

Malone, R.W., S. Logsdon, M.J. Shipitalo, J. Weatherington-Rice, L. Ahuja, and L. Ma. 2003. Tillage effect on macroporosity and herbicide transport in percolate. Geoderma 116:191-215.

Logsdon, S.D., T.C. Kaspar, D.W. Meek, and J.H. Prueger. 2002. Nitrate leaching as influenced by cover crops in large soil monoliths. Agron. J. 94:807-814.

Logsdon, S.D., D.L. Karlen, J.H. Prueger, and L.A. Kramer. 1999. Field-scale evaluations on deep loess soils: III. Rainfall and fertilizer N use efficiencies. J. Soil Water Conserv. 54:711-716.