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Michelle Soupir

Michelle Lynn Soupir

  • Professor
  • Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
My training is in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (BS – Kansas State University; MS & PhD – Virginia Tech). I am currently an associate professor in the Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Department; a member of the graduate faculty in the Civil, Construction, and Environ- mental Engineering Department; and Environmental Science and Sustainable Agriculture graduate degree programs.

Contact Info

3358 Elings
605 Bissell Rd.

More Information


My research focuses on soil and water quality, nonpoint source pollution control, watershed management, and water quality monitoring. We use both lab and field scale studies to examine the occurrence, fate and transport of pathogens, pathogen indicators and contaminants of emerging environmental concern (CoEECs) such as antibiotics and antibiotic-resistant bacteria to surface and tile drainage systems.

Broader Impact

Findings from our work has implications to improve the Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) development and implementation process, identify the impact of landuse practices on water quality, and develop management practices to reduce pollutant transport. We work with landowners, commodity groups, and state and federal agencies to answer environmental questions and inform policy. Our goal is to protect public health and find ways to provide access to clean water to everyone.

Key Environmental Science Publications

Gali, R.K.* and Soupir, M.L. 2015. Near shore beach volume modeling approach for setting beach bacteria TMDLs: A case study, Hickory Grove Lake, Iowa. Applied Engineering in Agriculture. 31(1): 73-82.

Liang, X., M.L. Soupir, S. Rigby, L.R. Jarboe, W. Zhang. 2014. Flow cytometry as a method to partition between freely suspended E. coli and E. coli attached to clay particles. Journal of Applied Microbiology. 117:1730-1739. DOI: 10.1111/jam.12660

Ikenberry, C.D, M.L. Soupir, K.E. Schilling, C.S. Jones, A. Seeman. 2014. Nitrate-nitrogen export: Magnitude and patterns from drainage districts to downstream river basins. Journal of Environmental Quality. 43(6): 2024-2033. DOI: 10.2134/jeq2014.05.0242.

Garder, J.L., T.B. Moorman, and M.L. Soupir. 2014. Occurrence and movement of total and tylosin resistant enterococci, erm genes, and tylosin in tile-drained agricultural fields receiving swine manure application. Journal of Environmental Quality. 43:1484-1493.

Pandey, P.K., Soupir, M.L. 2014. Assessing relationships between in –stream Escherichia coli, total suspended sediment, and water nutrients during storm flow in an Agricultural Watershed in Iowa. Transactions of the ASABE. 57(6): 1571-1581. DOI: 10.13031/trans.57.10371

Brown, S.B., C.D. Ikenberry, M.L. Soupir, J. Bisinger, J.R. Russell. 2014. Predicting time cattle spend in streams to quantify direct deposition of manure for TMDL development. Applied Engineering in Agriculture. 30(2): 187-195. DOI 10.13031/aea.30.10393