Jeffrey Wolt

Jeffrey Wolt

I started my academic career studying biology at Case Western Reserve University and completed my BS in bio-agricultural science at Colorado State University. I received my MS and PhD in agriculture from Auburn University with emphasis in environmental soil chemistry. Prior to coming to Iowa State, I held academic appointments with the University of Tennessee, the University of Hawaii, and Purdue University. I also worked as an environmental chemist and risk analyst in the chemical industry. I currently serve in the programs of Agronomy, Environmental Science, and Toxicology at Iowa State.


Biotechnology safety analysis applied to risk management and science policy decision-making; environmental and ecotoxicological risk assessment; soil and environmental chemistry applied to exposure assessment, efficacy, environmental monitoring, environmental toxicology, and environmental fate of xenobiotics and genetically modified agricultural products; applied soil solution chemistry.

Broader Impact: 

I work with regulators and scientists from throughout the world to formulate and promote harmonized approaches for assessing the safety of genetically-engineered plants. My lab group works on the environmental fate of plant products introduced into agroecosystems.

Key Environmental Science Publications: 

Wolt JD. 2009. Advancing environmental risk assessment for transgenic biofeedstock crops. Biotechnol Biofuels 2:27.

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