Jacek Koziel

Associate Professor
Jacek Koziel

Dr. Koziel's research team works on the following main focus areas:

Air quality measurements and mitigation - The aim is to quantify and mitigate emissions of ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, particulate matter, volatile organic compounds, odor, and greenhouse gases from livestock operations.

Novel methods for odor characterization and mitigation - Dr. Koziel is currently working on the identification and prioritization of malodors from confined animal feeding operations using solid phase microextraction (SPME)—multidimensional gas chromatography—mass spectrometry—olfactometry (MDGC-MS-O). This method is used to evaluate odor control technologies including the use of photocatalysis and manure additives.

Biotechnology - The aim is to develop novel methods for environmental analysis, sampling, monitoring of complex chemical reactions, processes, emissions related to waste treatment, animal mortality composting, plant-insect interactions, volatile biomarkers of animal health, in vivo and non-invasive chemical sampling, wine aroma, biomarkers of aflatoxins, and kairomones.

Chemical analysis of biofuels - The aim is develop robust sampling and analysis methods for identification and quantification of intermediates and products of thermal processes involved in conversion of biomass to fuels.

Key Environmental Science Publications: 

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