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Financial Support

All admitted applicants will be financially supported by a 9 or 12-month graduate assistantship throughout their tenure in the program. Assistantships are through faculty-supported research grants (research assistantships) and/or departments (teaching assistantships). Assistantships pay a monthly stipend, include a tuition scholarship (100% PhD, 50% MS), and provide single coverage health insurance at no charge. Tuition balances are calculated at the Iowa resident rate. Assistantships are identified by the nominating faculty member during the admission process. When contacting faculty members, applicants should inquire about the availability of assistantships.

Additionally, all nominated applicants will be considered for an Environmental Science Fellowship in the form of a 9 or 12-month, 1/4-time research assistantship. The Admissions Committee will provide an initial fellowship ranking to the Supervisory Committee based on a competitive review of academic credentials. The Supervisory Committee will determine fellowship awards based on the

  • Overall excellence of the applicant;
  • Number of fellowships previously awarded to students of the major professor with preference given to major professors that have not received funding in the past;
  • Success of all fellowship awardees under the major professor;
  • Success of all students in the program under the major professor; and
  • Evidence of funding by the major professor to support continued research and the student.

Preference is typically given to PhD students. The Supervisory Committee encourages nomination of students that will increase the diversity of the program.

Additional financial support opportunities are available through the Graduate College to historically underrepresented groups.

  • George A. Jackson Award 
  • Ronald E. McNair Scholarship
  • Diane Brand Scholarship for Women

Additional information on graduate assistantshipstuition and fees, and health insurance is available on the Graduate College website.